Improve company culture by investing in your employees

Employee Experience (EX) Research
We measure your Employee's satisfaction levels to help you to identify opportunities which can enhance and increase job satisfaction and loyalty.

Need help turning employees into ambassadors?

Our EX Research supports your company to build a working environment that attracts, engages and retains the best talent and in turn, generates an increased ROI.
We develop and implement strategies to create happier and more engaged employees whilst reducing attrition, improving productivity and ensuring increased customer satisfaction.

Build a strong team with the power of employee feedback

Employee Experience (EX) Research - A chance to be heard
The first step towards positive change is to understand what drives employee engagement in every department and business unit. A systematic research approach results in trustworthy representative findings. This will enable improved leadership, enhanced communication and better directed company policies to cultivate a motivated workforce who are loyal and committed to the brand.

Understand your employees' emotional commitment to your organization. Know which managers and policies are motivating or destroying teams. The EX research program obtains detailed feedback from every employee anonymously, to establish their honest experience of the workplace.

You can only manage what you can measure

Sometimes it takes an independent third party to acquire true and honest feedback

We build accessible feedback channels for optimal participation


  • Employees without access to email fill in questionnaires in groups according to availability.
  • HR representatives are trained to conduct the process, explain questions and assure anonymity.
  • Questionnaires are available in all languages spoken by your employees.
  • Completed questionnaires are sealed and couriered to MRM to be recorded and analysed.


  • Employees with access to email can receive questionnaires sent to them.
  • Our system ensures full anonymity, so that all employees, including managers will feel safe to report their concerns.
  • Our software ensures that only one interview is completed per employee, giving an equal voice to all employees.
  • We track employee participation to observe progress and encourage completion for better representation.

Technology to Understand Conversations

  • Fast & Secure Integration
    Integrate CX, EX from all channels with Financial, Marketing & Operational information to convert big data into big insights.
  • Custom Analytics & Reports
    Unique Dashboards across Levels of Interaction, from monthly Executive reports to live Supervisor dashboards.
  • Powerful Feedback Management
    Get notified, take action or escalate unresolved customer feedback. Implement a feedback workflow tailored to your company.

Learn about your company through the eyes of your employees

If employees are truly your biggest asset, understanding their motivation and loyalty is critical for success. Your employees determine which customers will return. They are your unique competitive advantage, we here to support you in unlocking your company's potential.
  • Know what matters to employees
  • Build stronger employee relationships
  • Increase loyalty and retention
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Attract and develop talent
  • Strengthen team dynamics
25 Years of research know-how

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