Your customer's voice is your next opportunity

Customer Experience (CX) Research
We measure your customer's satisfaction levels to help you to identify opportunities which can enhance and increase customer loyalty.

We help you to improve every moment of the customer journey

MRM uses a journey-based approach which allows us to understand and ultimately measure your customer’s experiences across all interactions with your brand.
To build tailor made solutions for your company, we design turn key research strategies, from development and fieldwork to interpretation and reporting.
Regular customer feedback gives you the opportunity to find new insights and enables you to change employees behaviour and processes which excel your business.
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Customer Experience (CX) Research

From Customers to Data to Insights
A well developed CX strategy can effectively measure the quality of interaction with your most valuable resource, your customers. A positive customer experience is created through a customer-centric vision manifested throughout all departments and in all interactions.

Good customer experience implies that a customer's needs and expectations are met during all points of contact with your brand. Satisfied customers increases net promoter scores (NPS®) and brand loyalty.

So what leads to a good experience? Speed. Convenience. Consistency. Quality. Human touch. That is, creating real connections when engaging with your customers.

The most important aspect of protecting market share is a positive customer experience. By investing in CX research, you are investing in the future of your business, consistently creating opportunity for improvement and growth.

Our Tailored Process

Together we'll workshop a CX strategy, personalised to your brand

Let's find the optimal fieldwork strategy for your business


  • Represent the voice of all customers through accurate controlled sampling.
  • Samples are gathered through telephonic interviews, face-to-face discussions and focus groups.
  • Controlled sampling can ensure data to reflect each agent's effect on customer loyalty.
  • Fieldworkers can prompt and engage your customers to get more insightful feedback to understand why scores are high or low.


  • Create an opportunity for all customers to voice their feedback.
  • Send out to surveys to all customers via email, sms and other channels.
  • Omni-channel communication creates opportunities for customers to communicate with your business at their convenience.
  • Best applied as a solution for large client base which is always available for communication and feedback.

Technology to Understand Conversations

  • Fast & Secure Integration
    Integrate CX, EX from all channels with Financial, Marketing & Operational information to convert big data into big insights.
  • Custom Analytics & Reports
    Unique Dashboards across Levels of Interaction, from monthly Executive reports to live Supervisor dashboards.
  • Powerful Feedback Management
    Get notified, take action or escalate unresolved customer feedback. Implement a feedback workflow tailored to your company.

Find business opportunities by listening to your customers

Current challenges make it more important to adapt to your customers needs than ever before. See your business through the eyes of your customer by investing in customer research.
  • Learn from your customer's perspective
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Increase loyalty and retention
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Grow market share
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