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MRM Support translates the voice of Employees and Customers into actionable intelligence, measurements and reports for all levels of your organisation – from executives to front line employees.

64% of people find Customer Experience more important than price
- Gartner

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MRM Support is a global leader in conducting market research that specializes in Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) systems and research. We have 25 years' experience in helping our clients build a brand loyal following.

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Trusted by top brands to measure customer satisfaction, reduce churn and build customer loyalty.
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Measuring & optimizing employee engagement towards company objectives and drive performance.
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Custom designed research projects which unlocks insights from customers across market sectors.
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”Over 16 years MRM has assisted Avis with in-depth customer research. The results gave a clear understanding of various markets and segments which empowered Avis to grow market share significantly, so that Avis Southern Africa is now one of the most dominant Avis licensees world-wide.”
Rainer Gottschick
Former CEO at Avis, Southern Africa
”Congo Equipment's Customer Journey consisted of many unique influences that may not be taken into account with an 'Off the Shelf' CX Measurement solution. MRM Support built, piloted, adapted, and implemented a flexible CX measurement solution effortlessly.”
Deon Heyns
CEO at Congo Equipment
”MRM delivered an exceptional tailor made system for us. All our expectations have been exceeded with regards to feedback, requested changes and data analysis. They took initiative and streamlined the process for us. With MRM you geet the best value for money with unquestionable service.”
Naila Moosa
Head of Retail - Sony Mobile South Africa
”With a new entrant into our market, we needed insight into our customer to take our brand from good to great. The CSI studies that MRM Support offers, allows us to understand the perceptions of our clients.”
Kelly McCreadie
Marketing Officer - SMD, Barloworld Automotive
”MRM Support created a bespoke CX measurement tool that aligns with our business requirements. With their system, we are able to obtain valuable insights in our unique customer journeys which unlocks new opportunities for our business.”
Slade Thompson
Acting Chief Executive - Avis Fleet
”We are impressed with the level of adaptability and bespoke solutions which have assisted us in creating tangible Brand separation from our competitors. We enjoyed dedicated support from MRM at every level of our team. This has been invaluable for our business in a highly competitive landscape.”
Ilse-Mari Kriek
Head of Marketing - Barloworld Equipment Southern Africa
”As a company going through a significant shift in culture, it became extremely important to understand and manage our employees experience in their work environment. Our experience working with MRM Support has always been one of professionalism and with tangible results. It has without a doubt improved our employee engagement.”
Martin Bruning
Group HR Executive - RTT
”Our business started the journey with MRM in 2012 and since then MRM has become a trusted business partner. As a result of MRM's assistance we have very critical insights into our workforce and customers.”
Petru Ebersohn
Chief Human Resources Officer - Wilderness Safari
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Start with tailored research into understanding your customers' journey.
  • Linking Customer Experience (CX) to each employee.
  • Link KPIs to accurate measurement scores.
  • Continuously measure each touch point in your customers' journey.
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Technology to Understand Conversations

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Integrate CX, EX from all channels with Financial, Marketing & Operational information to convert big data into big insights.
Custom Analytics & Reports
Unique Dashboards across Levels of Interaction, from monthly Executive reports to live Supervisor dashboards.
Powerful Feedback Management
Get notified, take action or escalate unresolved customer feedback. Implement a feedback workflow tailored to your company.
“Over 25 years MRM Support has established itself as a market research leader. We pride ourselves in our personalized service and modern cloud-based technologies. Over the last 5 years we have invested in creating bespoke and flexible software practices to disrupt traditional market research paradigms.”
Albert van Wyk
Founder & Director

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