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MRM Support has been a proudly South African market research leader since 1995. We pride ourselves in our founding vision to provide Marketing, Research and Management Support to our clients. Our well trained and versatile team of fieldworkers conduct over a 100 thousand interviews each year through our Call Centres. MRM Support facilitates projects to provide our clients with critical intelligence on customers, employees and markets.
Our highly qualified engineers develop research and data solutions on our low-code platform. We provide a dedicated team of consultants to analyse, interpret and share results with your management team. Throughout the research process our experts offer support every step of the way, from research development to roll out, live reports and feedback sessions - MRM Support helps you to understand your customer, implement change and access new potential.
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MRM Support translates the voice of Employees and Customers into actionable intelligence, measurements and reports for all levels of your organisation – from executives to front line employees.

80% of companies feel like they are providing a great experience, yet only 8% of customers agree - Bain and Co

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