In a digital age where consumers will go to all lengths to not waste time, when they do take the time to give feedback on how they experienced your brand, it is critical to get back to them with an appropriate response and follow-up action.

If organizations do not respond to customer feedback, the CX process is an empty gesture. To get real return on investment, it is crucial to close the loop on customer feedback and to demonstrate genuine intent in improving customer experience. Lip service is not going to boost customer experience, customers want to feel seen and heard before they’re willing to cross over to become your loyal fans.

Receiving feedback and being satisfied with the results when they’re not terrible is no way to do this. You need to make it part of your business operations and part of the company culture. If a customer provides a low score, we probe further and ask why.

Closing the Loop:

* Contextualize low scores and pin-point what exactly happened to create that score.

* Categorize that so the company is able to see what sort of issues become trends or show patterns

* Run and publish the stats on an online dashboard, with controlled user access to different levels of detail and sensitive information

* Escalate to the relevant department or manager

There’s simply no excuse to fall behind, with the right research partner, you can develop a tailored solution unique to your business. Get in contact with us to arrange a workshop to explore the pains of your company within the CX space. We look forward to hearing from you.

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