CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) is a surveying technique we use most often. The difference between CATI and other self-completion methodologies is control over sample, ensuring the objective is to get representative sample of each employee.

If you give me a list of 10,000 car renters and you've got 20 agents, we could look at doing 10 interviews per agent. Then we would group together the universe list around each agent. If agent one had 200 interactions, we would randomly do 10 interviews out of that 200. The net result is quite simple. Every month we have a consistent sample for each agent, which means it’s possible for us to give you an accurate score of the impact of each agent on your customers. If you don't have control of your sample, you’re simply unable to do that.

If we only did a sample through email to your full universe, say 10,000 transactions, you are probably going to get enough emails back to provide a score for the company, but you are not going to get back on the level of interaction such as a branch or team or agent.

Most companies are still happy to measure at that level, but it's useless to drive change or identify where the core issues are. Where email does have an advantage, is that it gives every customer an opportunity to respond. With normal distribution you get bi-modal feedback from self-completion. You'll see the results skewed, as, the very angry and very happy people are

the ones that are emotionally triggered to take the time to actually fill them in.


* To link direct scores to employees' KPIs, data quality performance areas or assist with incentives

* Gives you a representative sample of each employee

* Consistent sampling across all employees results in fair scoring

* CATI software has built-in logic, which also enhances data accuracy

* Human interaction allows real-time prompting

* Detailed and accurate customer feedback

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